Animation for BBC 'Frozen Planet'

Animation is a great way to get a message across without being forced to stand in front of a camera if you don't want to.

This is the main bulk of my job as a freelancer, and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a vast range of animation briefs from broadcast to industry, global corporations to local businesses.

Animation can cover a great array of treatments and styles of video content. This could include an illustrative cartoon style; a slick, high gloss 3D motion graphics piece, or mixed mediums such as animated graphics over a talking head to camera!

The animation I’m showcasing in this piece is for a Canadian Real Estate company, who were after a style of animation that was styled and yet easy to understand.

It gives a light hearted feel covering a somewhat dry subject matter.

The use of illustrated figures and environment gives the piece a visual representation of the spoken word.

If the same dialogue was in a worded document, it would seem uninspiring.

I created all aspects of the animation and effects, animating to the voiceover. All assets within the animation are changeable and can be tweaked at any time in the process.

I use Adobe Illustrator to create the elements, and After Effects to animate the same elements in the composition.

One animation highlight for me in my freelance career has been the time I was commissioned to create a Christmas promo for the BBC’s ‘Frozen Planet’ series.
Using the ‘Stone stealing penguin’ scene, I replaced the stones, with Christmas gifts, all achieved by 2D animation.
Follow this link to see the video on the BBCWorldwide YouTube channel.

My background in broadcast graphics means I can lend that experience to smaller screen still. Whether it be a glossy way of presenting stills, or a sophisticated Explainer video whereby a narrative is again, animated to. A very effective way of lifting a dull subject matter!