Logo Design for Freelance Igniter

I was approached by a friend and associate to design a logo for a new venture she was launching in 2015. She is a successful Virtual Assistant and has a great following online, so I was honoured to have been asked to look at this for her. She gave me a synopsis of what the new business was about, and how she saw it fitting into the marketplace.

As with any logo design brief, I gave her an initial thoughts PDF, showing various ideas and directions for the proposed logo.

Creative Direction - Choccywoccydoodah TV Show

I was commissioned by production company TwoFour, to design the title sequence for new TV show Choccywoccydoodah as featured on UKTV from 2011. The show was a fly-on-the-wall look at life at the chocolatiers. The first episode was the highest rated premiere on the channel for two years.

A great project for me to land, as I live in Brighton, the same town as this World renowned chocolatiers. I’ve been producing title sequences for this brand for numerous series now for various seasons and eventually a new slant on the show – ‘Choccywoccydoodah Starstruck’.

The initial task was to meet the company's chief creative and founder, Cristine, and lead cake designer Dave along with the rest of the team. The existing look and feel of the brand was discussed, and it was then down to me to bring that famous look to life!

Visual Effects Big Chip Web Awards

I was commissioned by production company Shoot Cut Go to design and produce a show opening animated title sequence for the annual Big Chip Awards ceremony in 2011.

Visual Effects can be used in a way that turns heads, in this case a piece that grabs the attention of a few hundred people in a room. During the planning process I was supplied the relevant assets from the various companies in the running for an award in Manchester on the night. I came up with a theme that reflected the genre of business we were dealing with – digital!

Once this was signed off by the client, I then proceeded to present the various categories of the event in the animation, showcasing various websites, games and portals. We also commissioned a sound designer to produce an audio track that suited the visuals I had created for the show opener.

Branding - CTRL Freaks

I worked with London production company Nerd to design the brand and title sequence for new TV show CTRL Freaks.

This was featured on London TV throughout 2014.

The new show concept involved three comedians who hijack the social media lives of Londoners, setting them insane challenges which they must pull off without revealing their lives have been hacked.

Animation for BBC 'Frozen Planet'

Animation is a great way to get a message across without being forced to stand in front of a camera if you don't want to.

This is the main bulk of my job as a freelancer, and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on a vast range of animation briefs from broadcast to industry, global corporations to local businesses.

Animation can cover a great array of treatments and styles of video content. This could include an illustrative cartoon style; a slick, high gloss 3D motion graphics piece, or mixed mediums such as animated graphics over a talking head to camera!

Video Editing for Diageo

As a freelancer I’m often called upon by my agent to create industry short form edits for large companies to use for marketing.

To create these, I follow a narrated running order to produce an edit that tells a story in a desired tone or theme.

These agency jobs can often be fast turnaround jobs that have to tick many boxes and please many people. For this Diageo job I worked alongside a Producer, who gave me the content to include in the edit, and liaised with the client for feedback and further assets when needed.