Video Editing for Diageo

As a freelancer I’m often called upon by my agent to create industry short form edits for large companies to use for marketing.

To create these, I follow a narrated running order to produce an edit that tells a story in a desired tone or theme.

These agency jobs can often be fast turnaround jobs that have to tick many boxes and please many people. For this Diageo job I worked alongside a Producer, who gave me the content to include in the edit, and liaised with the client for feedback and further assets when needed.

I had to design a way of bringing in captions and straplines that supported the company’s key messages. After the client was happy with the initial look and feel of the edit, I then continued to cut and create the sequence, which would eventually be aired for industry purposes.

A ‘year end’ edit will often include various pieces of content and coverage, showcasing a company’s annual performance. Along with the captions there would be video clips, images, quotes and awards to showcase. This would all then be cut to music often building up to a finale and call to action at the end of the edit.

The key to these kind of edits is having enough content to include in the piece to tell a desired story and show certain details. The packaging part in this edit for instance, was basically numerous images animated to music, making sure all is visible and on screen long enough for the viewer to read. Coverage edits are often all about showing the trade what coverage and campaigns the business has achieved over the year. They’ve got to be all about the brand, and giving a sense of optimism and high activity and exposure. Hitting beats and music cues is a trick that makes the edit more watchable easy on the eye and ear!